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  1. Yeah I guess I'll do my own fulfilment. Not that I am going to sell tons of stuff anyway :) Thanks for input.
  2. I would like to ask the community about selling photographs through Squarespace, and I would appreciate anybody with experience or successful implementation to chimp in with comment or post links to some examples. What I would like to do is: Sell through Squarespace eCommerce Have a 3rd party company's printing and fulfilment service hooked up completely transparent to buyer (eg. user never leave my Squarespace site) Preferably the printing and fulfilment company delivers products worldwide ( I am not located in US)Not interested in digital downloads Thank you
  3. Hey Brokentwill, is that side menu pure CSS solution? I had a go at it, but it just won't open when in desktop mode.
  4. Not sure why, even though this makes perfect sense it didn't work for me. Copy and paste the js file content into code injection area works perfectly. Neither of these worked Upon looking at the source in Firebug when I expanded my There should be my script as far as I am concerned. Any ideas?
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