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  1. @creedoni did see the embed. It just comes off less than pretty… It’s not quite the look but I suppose where I’m using them, as employees only it doesn’t have to be. I did try that out and am using it for now. It would be so cool if charts could be updated live. If I tried to use Squarespace as the work database, it would not be fun. I have a hard enough time with getting Squarespace web to work while editing already.
  2. Site URL: http://www.greenimpactrecycling.com Hello, I am looking to fix a few minor things that would require me to change the text size on mobile only. For example, the home page. Only the 3rd line "CLOSING THE LOOP ON THERMOFORMS | NO MATERIAL TOO DIRTY | FDA FOOD GRADE FLAKE, READY FOR EXTRUSION" needs to be smaller for mobile to fit nicely. But if I reduce desktop, it will not be legible. Does anyone have some help for this? Mobile Only- Certain Sections- On Certain Pages- Certain Text Lines Thank you kindly 🙂
  3. Site URL: http://www.greenimpactrecycling.com Hello! I am using plugins that use a blog to create summery blocks (list summary as seen on the second section home page). The search box at the bottom of the page is only able to search blogs apparently. No problem, only the blogs posts only contains a title on the page, and in settings-options- it has links and excepts that get plugged into the summary block. I need to keep my pages active to keep the summary blocks. But I also want the search box. Anyone have a work around for URL Mapping that allows pages to STAY ACTIVE? SquareSpace stated that they must be de-activated before URL Mappings standard will work. EX: /blog-2/[1?rq=mrf] -> /bale-spec 301 These will all be blog pages to regular pages. HELP! Also, if anyone has coding for changing mobile text size for specific lines of text in specific sections... That would also be very helpful.
  4. @Kate It would have been helpful to know prior to my purchase that this is a work around, not a way to add the block. It takes up the summery block. So if you have other summery block plugins, this could make the others not work. Warning this plug in takes your carousel summery block or maybe lists too. Great work around for those without other plugins for summery and gallery!
  5. Site URL: http://www.usstudbook.squarespace.com Pass: duende My site is for animal breeding sales. I want to have tabs connected to a project for each stallion in which tabs are about (text) breeding (image plus text) and 2 separate galleries. The product page is the only way I can have searchable tags etc. So I need to be able to make my product pages similar to a regular page, in which I can add tabs that connect to a project. Any ideas? Ive paid 3 designers and all 3 failed to do any work so I am out THOUSANDS and stuck doing this alone. Any detailed help appreciated!
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