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  1. sure https://dove-capybera-nn4w.squarespace.com/artworklist/p/2-girls-on-the-beach-copy pw : nXQ5clK`pD,0p-Apy7Ex I have those 3 items in the custom css but i still see the add to cart button which i'd really like to hide when inventory hits 0 Thanks for your time!
  2. Sorry about the delay in response, I was out of the office for a bit. those three code snippets seem to be working. How might i hide the "add to cart " button (again when inventory of that item is 0)? Thanks!
  3. Thanks, here is a link to a product detail page https://dove-capybera-nn4w.squarespace.com/artworklist/p/2-girls-on-the-beach-copy pw: nXQ5clK`pD,0p-Apy7Ex
  4. squarespace 7.1 looking at the product detail page i see $xx.xx on one line at the top of the page. i'd like to change this so it reads "price $xx.xx" and i'd like to to be bold i also have "sold out " (when inventory is set to 0 ) i'd like to change this from "Sold Out" to "We're so sorry this item has been sold!" and i'd like to make that in bold and a much bigger font. finally i'd like to have the price NOT show if the inventory is 0 and i'd also like to hide the add to cart button Any thoughts on how i might do this would be really helpful. John
  5. That sir was dead solid perfect! thank k you so much! rsync -r /home/fridge/beer bangank36@squarespace:/home/fridge thanks again that was really helpful.
  6. I am on squarespace 7.1 I am hiding the product title on the product detail page with the following code h1.ProductItem-details-title { display: none !important; } because the breadcrumb already contains the title so this was redundant. I want to swap the product detail page and the additional info sections (elements i am not sure of the terminology here) so the additional info section lines up with the top right of the picture while the description is below in linging up with the bottom left. I attempted to solve this with the following code <script> /* place in store page header code injection */ jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $('.ProductItem .ProductItem-additional').insertBefore('.ProductItem-details-excerpt'); }); </script> which helped but but left me with the following alignment problems here is a link : https://dove-capybera-nn4w.squarespace.com/landscapes/p/sams-place-1 pw : Fr9Db9%wN0*qwO3_rCY Thank you for your time! let me know if i need to clarify anything.
  7. That sir was awesome! I now have a working breadcrumb across store pages and product detail pages! scp /usr/local/fridge/Guinness.stout creedon@squarespace:/usr/local/fridge thanks again for your help!
  8. Square3space version 7.1 the product detail page breadcrumb contains only two links a link back to the storepage (first) and a link to its own page (last) .ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb-link:first or .ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb-link:last is there a way to insert a link before the first link ( I.E prepend ) to the breadcrumb menu? to see what i'm going you can go here : https://dove-capybera-nn4w.squarespace.com/oil pw: Fr9Db9%wN0*qwO3_rCY you can see the store page shows Gallery > Oils with one item under it. if you click on that item, the breadcrumb changes to oils > name of item what i want to do is prepend the Gallery link on all my product information pages so the breadcrumb will show Gallery > storepage > item in all cases the Gallery link will be back to url slug /gallery thanks for your time.
  9. ok thank you! curl -d "beer" -X POST Paul2009
  10. how do i move a product from one store to another ? I am looking at the commerce > inventory page and the only options i see are to export or delete. when i edit an item i don't see any place to move it either. is this function under some other menu? thanks!
  11. thanks for the response. i got it to work in a hacky way ( i've not used jquery before ) i tried to add ".text ( 'test'); right after your ".attr ( 'href', pageUrlSlug );" but could not get that to work so i added $( ( ) => { $( '.ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb-link:first' ) .text ( 'test'); } ); right after your code (just before the </script> and that seemed to work, though i'm sure there is a better way to do this. i also noticed the breadcrumb menu on the product detail page is only two items long (link to main gallery) > (link to product detail page) crome inspector shows <div class="ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb" data-animation-role="content"> <a href="/gallery-store" class="ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb-link">Gallery</a> <span class="ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb-separator"></span> <a href="/gallery-store/p/m28u6386q8aqps2u8en7ahjxd0tkx7" class="ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb-link">Earth's Moon</a> </div> by changing ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb-link:first to ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb-link:last i can change the link name and target on the second link as well. so is there any way to ADD an item (element, child i'm not sure of the terminology ) onto the end of the breadcrumb ? i have tried .ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb-link:append and .ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb-link:add but they did not work. thanks again for your time.
  12. how would i also change the text of the link ? forexample the link is "Gallery" but i might want to change it to "indexpage" or something like that. I was hoping to do this by adding a statement like .attr ('text', 'new text'); to your above code but that's not working thank you!
  13. q2: is there a way to move the storepage breadcrumb a: align left instead of center and bold it and change the font weight b: add the current category to the breadcrumb menu example if i am in "cat1" the breadcrumb shows "all/" and cat1 is bold on the sidebar. id like the breadcrumb to show "all/cat1" q3 : is there a way to change the ALL link to point to my index page (like you did above with the product detail page " q4: is there a way to pass the category from the storepage to the product detail page so the breadcrumb on the product detail page would show " gallery>cat1>product" so a customer could be looking at a category click on the detail page and then click on the breadcrumb to go back to the original category she was looking at? thank you!
  14. Hey that seems to work well! is there some documentation I should have read to figure this out? (IE did i miss something ) ? I have a couple other breadcrumb questions should i open new threads for them? I really appreciate your time, i've been researching this for a while and drew a blank.
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