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  1. @paul2009 Thank you so much!! Your advice directed me in the right direction for honing in on this issue. Lo and behold, I've adjusted the configuration in the code for the Cookie Control feature so that the CART and hasCart cookies are protected and the cart works now! @creedon Thanks for responding. Apologies. My site is live and the address is www.football-infographics.com. The issue is resolved thanks to Paul's guidance.
  2. I really need some help with a cart number error. I have attached a screen recording video of my problem. On my site, when you add a product to the cart, the cart shows 1 (which is good), then when you click into the cart, the product shows and the cart still shows 1 (also good). But when you click out of the cart, the cart number reverts back to 0 (not good). When you click back into the cart, the product is still there and the cart number shows 1 again (correctly). I have contacted Squarespace support about this and they identified for me that my Cookie Control banner seems to be causing the conflict. I added my Cookie Control banner by through the Code Injection feature using the script for it produced by Cookie Control from Civic, who produce the Cookie Control feature. I'd like to keep this Cookie Control feature, but I need my cart to work correctly. Can somebody advise on some code I can add in order to make the cart work correctly please? The help would be hugely appreciated! Thanks, Pawel Cart Numbers Problem Screen Recording.mov
  3. Site URL: https://octagon-pelican-ay36.squarespace.com/home/p/diego-maradona Hi @tuanphan, I've noticed that you've been very helpful in helping with displaying Product Detail Images so I was wondering if you'd be able to help me? If you click the site URL I have provided and view on mobile you can see that there is a huge white space before the image of my product. I need this removing. Any ideas for a CSS code injection? I have been playing about with this based on responses you have given to other people having similar issues and I've got what you can see out of it so far. The image is displaying perfectly. But I need that huge white space above it removing and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get rid of it! It's fine on the desktop version of my site, it's only happening on mobile. The current code injection that I have for this is the following which is creating this: .ProductItem-gallery-slides-item { position: static; height: auto; overflow: initial } The image as it is is perfect, and so are all the others on my other products as I need the image height to differ for each product and not be forced into an aspect ratio as this is not needed for my product images and Squarespace seem to want to force people to use it. I just need that white space above it removing on the mobile view. Your help would be truly amazing! Cheers, Pawel
  4. This isn't solved. I'm using the Brine template and having this issue on my product pages on mobile. I need my images on my product pages to display at full height as they are infographics and the viewer needs to view them as the full graphic to see all the information on it. Squarespace giving a range of ratio crops is pretty useless. People setting up websites should definitely have the option to show the full image and not have this decision made for them. I've attached what I get on mobile view and also the image file for the infographic that I want to show. I have over 100 graphics like this on my website in a shop. They have the same width but they're all at different heights... I've set them up as products with the intention of potentially selling them as prints in the future so have managed to remove the prices and add to cart button by just colouring these elements white for now with the intention of making them visible when needed. @paul2009 the cropping suggestion you have on another page won't work for my graphics. They need to be visible at full height. Is there anything you can do or suggest to help me with this please? I've hit a total brick wall and this needs to work! My web address for this site in progress is: https://octagon-pelican-ay36.squarespace.com/ Cheers
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