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  1. Sure! Thank you! This is at the footer of the page and the social media icons in the footer and in the navigation menu (header) are there but invisible. Also the pin it button not showing. Hope this pictures help.
  2. Hi again! Hope you are fine.... do you also happen to know why does the newsletter section (subscribe box) also doesn't show? thanks so much for your patience
  3. Hi! Im so sorry for the late reply, I was busy, but Im back ready to launch this haha! I think I managed the comment section, but the pin it button and the social media links that are invisible no haha. I´ll wait for your reply thank you! https://clover-harmonica-hwdw.squarespace.com/ password:1234599
  4. Hi! Thank you! I'm yet to buy the name domain, hope it's not a problem https://clover-harmonica-hwdw.squarespace.com/config/
  5. Hello! I hope someone can help me, please ☺️. I'm building my blog in 7.1 version and everything was going on fine until: * the social media links on the bottom of the site disappeared, the links are still there, but for some reason they are invisible? I have tried the google chrome extensions thing, erased the custom css for color that I want to used but still invisible, then re pasted the code and nothing, it seems that nothing works. *The share pin it button is not showing and I enabled it (I don't know if it will show when I publish the site, it's still private / under constructi
  6. Hello! I was trying to do the same in my squarespace 7.1 main page but the text color does not change..can you guys help me please? I want a transparent fixed header with white text at the top of the home page and also it would be cool if it changes the color of the fixed header to a white background with the menu text links in navy black (#050a29) when I scroll down the page. I haven't found the right css... (I have a custom css so the website can display the hamburguer menu style, don't know if this affects somewhat the menu colors to be customized) Thanks !
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