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  1. Site URL: https://securityheaders.com/ Hi, Square Space Support has directed me to the forum. Just wondering if anyone has been successful in adding in security headers to a square space site. If you scan with the above url you will see the missing headers. Support recommended injecting html but that is a client side solution to a server side requirement. After looking into this one in more detail it looks like none of those techniques will work as they are client-side rather than server-side. Chrome, for example, will ignore x-frame-options when it's in a meta tag and so we would expect that a bad actor or script would do the same thing. Here is a summary of the problem with fixes: https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/167081/how-to-add-x-frame-options-header-to-a-simple-html-file It seems the only way to set these headers as to affect security is to apply at the server level. On apache/wordpress we just use the functions file to hook in before page load and set the headers. Does squarespace have a way to do something similar? is there anything that you recommend we try aside form the client side links provided? Happy to help troubleshoot or explain in more detail.
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