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  1. Hi Paul, Thank you for the information that you provided, however it's still unclear to me how you integrate pay in 3 onto my website in the UK. I sell high ticket items and could do with this function.
  2. Hello, Could you give me instructions how to integrate the pay in 3 on my website in the UK. I've added an item over £1000 and I do not see this option at checkout. Any help here would be appreciated. Perhaps I'm missing something. www.winkandbeam.uk
  3. Thank you for your response Paul, I've integrated Paypal as a payment method on my website. Please forgive my lack of knowledge on this topic but how do my products qualify for PI3? My website is www.winkandbeam.uk
  4. Is there an update on Paypal Pay in Three for UK users, I sell high ticket items and hope this function comes soon. Any update would be appreciated!
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