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  1. @tuanphanis there a way to keep the CTA on mobile but remove it from the desktop overlay menu www.verasounds.com I have two buttons in the header Login/Signup, but they also appear in the menu overlay. I'd like to remove them from the menu overlay but only for desktop. Hope that makes sense
  2. Site URL: https://www.verasounds.com Hi everyone, First post from me, but have already learnt a lot from all the posts here. Currently creating a new website in 7.1 and have used a plugin to force the hamburger menu on Desktop view. Which I love....Only problem is - the "Sign Up" button is now only visible in the menu and no longer in the header. Any tips on how I can force the "Sign Up" button to still show on the header (ideally hamburger left, logo middle, button right). Website is www.verasounds.com (WIP) password: vera Any tips would be super helpful. I AM NOT a coder 🙂 Thank you, Nicc
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