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  1. How can I make my porfolio page showcase images like in the attach. I was trying to customized it with the next code, but I am obviously missing something. Can someone help, please? I search the internet in my quest for an answer, but there was nothing. Help please! #gridThumbs { .gallery-grid-wrapper { grid-template-columns: none ! important; display:grid; grid-template-areas: "small1 small2" "big1 big1" "big1 big1" "small3 big2" "small4 big2" "big3 big3 " "big3 big3 "; } a:nth-of-type(1) { grid-area:small1; } a:nth-of-type(2) { grid-area:small2; } a:nth-of-type(3) { grid-area:big1; } a:nth-of-type(4) { grid-area:small3; } a:nth-of-type(5) { grid-area:big2; } a:nth-of-type(6) { grid-area:small4; } a:nth-of-type(7) { grid-area:big3; } }
  2. Hi, I am posting here as I am referring to first two posts. I have been traying to do a custom gallery layout in 7.1. I have been following the mentioned tutorial: and was trying to adapt it to 7.1. squarespace. I would like to get this layout - you can see in attach - yet I have been trying for hours and it doesnt work. Can you please check my code and give some advice. There is smth off in the gallery-grid-wrapper. I was comparing to yours code, but..yes, I am a total rookie. I hope some someone will help me out. Thanks! #gridThumbs { .gallery-grid-wrapper { grid-template-columns: none ! important; display:grid; grid-template-columns: "small1 small2" "big1 big1" "big1 big1" "small3 big2" "small4 big2" "big3 big3 " "big3 big3 "; } figure:nth-of-type(1) { grid-area:small1; } figure:nth-of-type(2) { grid-area:small2; } figure:nth-of-type(3) { grid-area:big1; } figure:nth-of-type(4) { grid-area:small3; } figure:nth-of-type(5) { grid-area:big2; } figure:nth-of-type(6) { grid-area:small4; } figure:nth-of-type(7) { grid-area:big3; } }
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