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  1. I don't understand why it's not working for me! 🙈I've used the share this codes, put the header in the bit outlined, but the other code in the code injection - i've also tried adding a bit of code to the page but it isn't working. Can anyway take a look for me please? So far have been trying to add here https://www.sleepyangelsconsultancy.com/baby-sleep-coach-blog/how-to-get-baby-to-sleep-when-travelling but will need to add to every blog.
  2. Thank you, I found it in the pages advanced settings code injection. No clue who put it there!
  3. Site URL: https://www.sleepyangelsconsultancy.com/baby-sleep-coach-blog/clocks-go-forward-what-now Hi, At the bottom of our page there is a rogue bit of code appearing. I did put this code in the CSS box at one point but it didn't work and I removed it. However it is still appearing at the bottom of the page! How can I get rid of this? It is showing just above my blog tags on each blog page. Thank you for your replies.
  4. Hi, It worked when I put it at the top, thanks! But the rouge code is still there despite me not having anything I think is related to it in my CSS. If you could advise that would be great!
  5. Hi, This didn't work either 😞 I am adding it right, aren't I? Design > Custom CSS and then just adding it at the bottom?
  6. Site URL: https://www.sleepyangelsconsultancy.com/baby-sleep-coach-blog/clocks-go-forward-what-now Hi All, I've spent a good few hours now trying out all the offered solutions to other people with similar questions and it just isn't working on my site! So apologies for the 'repeat' but none of the others are working for me. I want the hyperlinks in my paragraphs to appear #4169e1 and am happy to keep the underline. We just want our links to be more obvious to see if this helps increase the click rate. Any help is gratefully received!
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