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  1. TrevorS, I looked to make sure I was not in Developer Mode (I wasn't), and while I did have some code in the header and footer (I had added it after the bug first appeared), removing it again did not change anything. So, adding the custom CSS code you provided removed the dates (secondary metadata) for each image and solved my problem. The image customization menus still have the bug, but the unwanted dates are now gone. Thank you so much! -Kim
  2. No, derricksrandomviews. The dropdown is blank and gray.
  3. TrevorS and derricksrandomviews: the primary and secondary metadata was the first thing I tried, however there seems to be some sort of bug in that menu. When I click those fields for options, here is what I get...
  4. bangank36, the site url is https://www.whidbeyartmarket.com/. The summary block appears near the bottom of the home page (About). Thank you for your assistance! -Kim
  5. Can anyone advise a solution for removing the date (but not the Title or Thumbnail) from a Summary block (Carousel style), pulling from a Portfolio page? Example below. I am a code-noob, so detailed instructions are appreciated. Thanks, Kim
  6. @Danieljay @LilyS @trevordelaney @joncasey5I also wish to display the desktop navigation on my mobile versions (I am using the Bedford template). So far, all solutions I've tried remove the hamburger but do not replace it with text navigation. I do not understand the comment re using .main-nav. Thank you.
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