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  1. I knew there was something like that somewhere, thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://www.daniloagutoli.com/toy-shop Hej allihopa! I am based is Sweden, and about to launch my shop (https://www.daniloagutoli.com/toy-shop), but for some reasons when you add something to the cart, it shows the international shipping costs first instead of the domestic, since Squarespace seems to assume that the buyer is in USA. It's very anti-intuitive and a bit scary for the buyer (all the friends I asked to test the shop, were like WOW, why is the shipping cost so high! - since you can change the shipping location only in the following step). Can this be changed? Thanks in advance!
  3. the page is the store, which is currently not visible because under construction. But I donno how to target... 🙂
  4. Site URL: https://www.daniloagutoli.com Hi guys, I´m new at squarespace and know almost nothing about coding. My website is up and running and I will launch a store soon, but I want the store page to have a different logo than the general website. It would be enough to just exclude the logo from that page (I can always add an image at the top and use it as a "logo"), but actually replacing it with a different one would be perfect. Do you guys have any idea of how to do it? Thanks a bunch in advance.
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