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  1. This has worked! Thank you so much for your help. Squarespace said it couldn't be done and their solution was to upload button images in a grid gallery. Which is not a good solution as there's hover hover effects on images.
  2. Site URL: http://www.versefilmprojects.org Posted this question in another feed but haven't had any answers. Please see above link for screenshots of the issue. I can see others online having the same issue. Help please! 🙂 Thanks in advance Site password is: 2021
  3. Did you get a chance to have a look at this? Still struggling to solve this on my own.
  4. https://www.versefilmprojects.org/ghhm Password: 2021 Thank you!
  5. Hey, Having some trouble with these buttons alignments. They stagger in mobile mobile preview. I've tried your code above but no change. I'm not sure if I was pasting in the wrong id or if there is another reason this didn't work for me. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you James
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