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  1. Site URL: https://www.suzanneuijterlindephotography.com When sharing the link via messenger or text, the link shows NO seo website description, just the link and the image. When sharing the link on facebook the SEO description shows "slide 1 slide1 (current slide) slide 2 slide 2 (current slide) I've double checked all of the SEO for all the pages, including the main website one. They are all filled in correctly and no where is there anything saying slide? How do I fix this?
  2. Site URL: https://www.crossroadsyyc.com/ We are looking to make some sort of form where visitors and can submit a letter to our city councilor in regards to an upcoming community project. This would make it easy for people to submit letters either in favor, or not in favor that are already written for them. (We find people are often unsure of how to get their point across, or unsure how articulate their opinions). Is it possible to have someone submit their name, and email, then using the form block, and have a pre-written letter sent to the email we use in the storage part? I've tried putting it in the form as its own block, or under a "section" within the form but when I do it doesn't come through on the receiver end We would want it to function like this https://unitetheheights.ca/support/
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