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  1. cool! that seemed to put them into 3 columns! but 2 problems seemed to have come up from this: 1- template does not seem to resize properly (gaps will suddenly get very big, images will start overlapping or extra columns start appearing when window is resized) (this doesn't happen with the default layout) 2- image chronological order has become non-horizontal (1,3,5,2,5,6 instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6 horizontally) but I think this is on the right track so far, thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  2. I checked and have changed the password if still you want to take a look! Site: https://swan-ferret-9gx2.squarespace.com/sketchbook Password: ineedhelp2 I will also check out the guide though! thanks
  3. Hey! thanks for the reply. Just enabled site wide password: "ineedhelp" To clarify, I was hoping to make these changes to the "SKETCHBOOK" page (a gallery style page) (was experimenting with alternatives for the other pages so you can ignore those!)
  4. Site URL: https://swan-ferret-9gx2.squarespace.com/sketchbook Hi! How do I limit the amount of columns in a gallery page in version 7.0? I would like to limit it to a maximum of 3 columns wide on desktop (while having a max width so the images don't extend all the way full width), while also having the option to tweak the number of columns in mobile view. I think there is this functionality in 7.1, but I put a priority into having a sidebar navigator, that's why I'm on 7.0 (Wells template). I really like how gallery pages function (both in ease of management and having lightbox style navigation) so I'm avoiding doing this via image blocks. I was wondering if any css code for this exists. (In the midst of making my first squarespace illustration portfolio website. am using this as reference https://fartsforart.com/tagged/Latest) Thank you!
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