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  1. Sorry for my baaaaad explaining 🙂 We send 7 letter long codes to people that they use on our current website (www.kuvamuisto.fi) to register for the photoshoot. They go to the site and type the code to a box on top of the website. Then by pressing "Lähetä" which means "send" in english they are directed to the registration, where they fill out name, address etc. After that we take photos, upload them and tag the photos with this code in our system. So, when we have published the pictures they can go back to our site and use the same code that they used on registration to get to see the photos that we have taken and maybe buy some if they like em. I went to Webflow and paid some extra to get their "export code" feature for my account. Now I have the code and it kinda works but it might need some adjusting... like a lot. 🙂 Heres a screenshot how it looks at the moment on my frontpage *check attachment* Also uploaded video of me using one of the codes, recording software did something weird for the cursor but you get the point. *Check video attachment* Also heres the code that I used on the code box to make it "work": </div> <div class="w-container"> <div class="tarina wf-section"> <p class="sisalto-ingressi"><em class="thebeef">Kirjoita kuvauskoodi</em></p> <div class="kuvauskoodi-form"> <div class="w-form"> <form id="email-form" name="email-form" data-name="Email Form" method="get" action="https://kauppa.kuvamuisto.fi/"><input type="text" class="w-input" maxlength="256" name="code" data-name="code" placeholder="Kirjoita kuvauskoodi tähän" id="code"><input type="submit" value="Lähetä" data-wait="Please wait..." class="button w-button"></form> <div class="w-form-done"> </div> Probably has parts that are useless but at the moment it works. What I really loved was the style of your password screen on your video tutorial (Your photos are ready). To turn this piece of code into that would be amazing!! Don't know if that's even possible. 🙂 Recording 2022-03-03 at 11.47.39 PM.mp4
  2. Thank you for this! The thing is that we got thousands of codes that are being generated randomly for new clients. Now I got the box and a submit button but I still need when ever a new code is being typed to the box it will just add it as a part of this link https://kauppa.kuvamuisto.fi/. So that it just directs you to that specific link/site.
  3. Site URL: https://www.kuvamuisto.fi/ Hey, Im trying to get this problem solved: I have a code "WR62VXP" and a link "https://kauppa.kuvamuisto.fi/" What im trying to do is something similar like on this site: https://www.kuvaverkko.fi/ , a field that you can type your code to and by clicking the button it will take me to a site which is a combination of the link and the code that I inserted on the box (https://kauppa.kuvamuisto.fi/WR62VXP). I want to move kuvamuisto.fi from Webflow to Squarepsace and this is the only thing keeping me from swiching because it is such a crucial part of the website and it needs to work everytime. I know this is not a big thing to but my coding skills are close to 0. 🙂 Uploaded a screenshot of the landing page where it should take after clicking the button.
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