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  1. @creedon It words perfectly. Thank you again so very much! I'm so grateful.
  2. @creedon I don't suppose I could ask one more question..........is there any way of changing the font/font-size for the text added? (It would be enough to change it from 'paragraph 2' style to 'paragraph 1')
  3. @creedon You are a superstar! It worked wonders. Thank you so very much!
  4. @creedon Do you think this might work? Thanks so very much.
  5. @creedon@tuanphanThank you both so much for everything you have given to the site - I have used your comments so many times! I have a question of my own because on this topic I can't seem to make your codes work. I have two categories in my shop, and I would like to add a description beneath the title of each category page (a different one for each category). I have set up a dropdown menu like this 'Classic' page is a description. Then Baron La Croix and Voir Les Anges are links to product category pages where I would like a separate description on each page under the titles. I am using v. 7.1 and I have tried your code in the shop settings (and chawed the links to work for my site) but I can't seem to get it working. If you had any advice I would be so grateful (I am definite an amateur - this is my first website I'm trying to 'build'!). Thank you. Steve
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