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  1. Site URL: https://www.premiumpt.no/online-pt Hi, So I´ve added a pricing plan with a button (with a link) who take you directly to checkout for that product. Thats work perfectly! But the added form won´t show when I do it this way. How can I make the customer fill it out at checkout??
  2. I have added a pricing plan from Ghost. But wondering how I can make the button to add the product directly to the cart, and not to a product page first? My site: https://hypersphere-gar-b8yj.squarespace.com/online-pt Pw: 123
  3. No, on the detail product pages it´s still white.
  4. Yes I got the header to work 😄 But the dropdown menu on all the detail product pages are still on a white background so you can´t see anything.
  5. Yes! 🙂 Nothing happend :S Any ide of why?
  6. Yes the code is there, but not seem to work :s Any suggestion? 🙂
  7. And I place this in design -> css code ? Can´t get any of them to work :s
  8. Hi, https://hypersphere-gar-b8yj.squarespace.com/nettbutikk/p/milk-dip-cup-486r6 Password: 123 I used this one and it worked out great! The only problem is the drop down menu. How do I target this one with css and change it to a darker background? Problem two: How do I apply this header to the shopping cart as well? :)
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