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  1. Hi, just seeing if you have any other ideas. Your suggestions did not work. Thanks!
  2. And just for a bit more info, the images on the blog posts are circles, but not the images on the main blog page. I think those are thumbnails. Same with the products in the store. So the issue seems to be thumbnails. In both cases, it seems that Squarespace automatically applies a 1:1 crop to those thumbnail images. The CSS code that I've used to crop all other images to circles is the following: .sqs-block-image img{ border-radius: 50%; }
  3. Hi there. Neither of those worked. I tried adding the CSS code and using the code block. Any other ideas?
  4. Site URL: https://www.deepbelonging.org/program-calendar Hello! I have successfully used CSS code to crop all images on my site to be circular. HOWEVER, this does not seem to work on the calendar (events) page or in the store. The images there seem to be thumbnail images, so I'm not sure if additional code is needed for these elements. Thank you!
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