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  1. Thanks Paul - appreciate your support. We have changed the message of the cancellation confirmation indeed. I also wrote you a message on the same topic : With custom CSS code, is it possible to edit the copy of - the order confirmation email - there is a by default copy I would like to amend - the order confirmation page - there is a by default copy I would like to amend - the checkout page - (in the review & subscribe) - there is a by default copy I would like to amend I just would like to know if it's possible Thanks
  2. Thanks Paul - I do totally agree with you and I also think flexibility in managing a subscription is a great acquisition USP ... But we are in a phase where we would like to understand why customers would like to unsubscribe and we would like to take the opportunity to get feedback on the product. That's the only reason why we would like to control cancellation. Just trying to find a way around SS by default UX
  3. Thanks for getting back to me Paul But theorically : - I can hide the customer account login - Remove any links driving to customer account in transactional email (order confirmation email - need custom CSS) - Change copy on the order confirmation page (mention of cancelling via the account) - Change copy in the checkout (mention of cancelling via the account) All via custom CSS. Am I right?
  4. Hello, Can I please see the fix - content has been hidden - how can I remove specific text from the order confirmation email? thanks
  5. Site URL: https://www.yourfitmatecoach.com hello I have a subscription product managed via the ecom package. I am trying to stop customers to cancel their subscription without telling us. At the moment, they can simply access their account and unsubscribe. I have hidden the login access from our website, but they can still do it by clicking on a link in the confirmation order email. I can't disable the customer account access and I can't remove the unsubscription link from the account I am trying to stop them accessing their account. Would you have a way around, either by: - removing the 'unsubscribe" link from the account - stopping the access to customer account (redirect doesn't work and is not possible) - any other ideas? thanks for your help
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