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  1. I'm so glad to have finally found this thread!! I thought I was missing something this whole time...I mean, if I'm planning on selling throughout however many states want to buy from me, it's impossible to hand-type all potential zip codes in advance! And what about the places whose tax varies within a zip code like mentioned in this article? https://www.avalara.com/us/en/learn/whitepapers/zip-codes-the-wrong-tool-for-the-job.html I'm really hoping the TaxJar extension/add-on goes well and becomes available for Business plans as well (rather than just Commerce) eventually once Squarespace realizes how necessary this is...saw on another thread that for feedback to be logged by the developers, anyone interested needs to submit a customer service ticket on the matter, which I will definitely be doing in hopes of encouraging the idea. Anyway, I'm brand-new to ecommerce in regards to my personal store, so I'm hoping someone with experience can help me with this while we wait. Is it possible to put a disclaimer along the lines of "Sales tax is not included in featured prices and will be added to the final cost in accordance to your state/local requirements," see who is trying to place an order and where they are located and THEN using the billing information, manually create the tax rule specifically for their order? Or does the rule have to exist before the order is placed? Does the manual entry allow for those aforementioned differences in the same zip to be accounted for (if we do our research to find the proper percentage) or is it zip code populated only? This could potentially only work for sites with low traffic but I'm wondering if it's possible? Not sure how you're alerted of/review new orders, how to manage charges/refunds, etc yet, still have a lot of learning to do. Any advice is appreciated!
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