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  1. Thank you so much Paul!! This is really kind of you, I can't thank you enough. It took me a while to figure out what you were saying (not your fault, just a little way over my head) but I got there!! Thank you so much x
  2. Site URL: https://www.themumretreat.co.uk/membership Hello Would love some help please! I have two countdown timers on the same page. One is working and one is not! Both have exactly the same code. I'm using a code block for each. Also, I now want to change the HEX colour of the timer background blocks, but it refuses to change. Please know I am NOT a coder, but would be so grateful for any help. Thank you 😃
  3. Site URL: https://www.themumretreat.co.uk/membership Morning! I've got two countdown timers on one page, one is finally working, the other is not - but they have exactly the same code. Secondly, I now want to change the HEX colour code, but it refuses to change. Thanks for any advice you can offer!
  4. Hi Yes I did thank you!! However, I now have another problem - I want another timer lower down the page, have used exactly the same code, but it's not working. Cannot figure this out, any ideas please? thanks
  5. Thank you, I really appreciate your help. I knew the date wasn't set, but I've done all that you've said, but sadly still not working. I may have to live with the blue one. Thanks again!
  6. Hi Paul Thanks for your advice! Here is the link www.themumretreat.co.uk/membership It's the pink timer I'm having trouble with, the blue one is a back-up for now. Grateful for any help you can offer!
  7. Hello I have some code for a countdown timer, but it's not working. Could someone please help me work out why? I'm using a code block with HTML. Photo attached for what it looks like currently - but no numbers! I'm not a pro web designer, but understand a little about coding. Thanks in advance for your time! <style>#countdown{color:#fff;display:inline-block;text-align:center;font-size:1.5rem} #countdown>div{padding:10px; background:#e2dbd6; display:inline-block} #countdown div>span{padding:5px; display:inline-block} </style><center><div id="countdown"><div><span class="days" id="day"></span><div class="text">Days</div></div><div><span class="hours" id="hour"></span><div class="text">Hours</div></div><div><span class="minutes" id="minute"></span> <div class="text">Minutes</div></div><div><span class="seconds" id="second"> </span><div class="text">Seconds</div></div></div><p id="timer"></p></center> <script>var deadline=new Date("jan 1, 2020 15:37:25").getTime();var x=setInterval(function(){var now=new Date().getTime();var t=deadline-now;var days=Math.floor(t/(1000*60*60*24));var hours=Math.floor((t% (1000*60*60*24))/(1000*60*60));var minutes=Math.floor((t% (1000*60*60))/(1000*60));var seconds=Math.floor((t% (1000*60))/1000);document.getElementById("day").innerHTML=days;document.getEl ementById("hour").innerHTML=hours;document.getElementById("minute").innerHTM L=minutes;document.getElementById("second").innerHTML=seconds;if(t<0) {clearInterval(x);document.getElementById("timer").innerHTML="TIME UP";document.getElementById("day").innerHTML='0';document.getElementById("hou r").innerHTML='0';document.getElementById("minute").innerHTML='0';document.get ElementById("second").innerHTML='0'}},1000);</script>
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