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  1. Ahh this worked an absolute treat. Thank you so much for your help! 🙏 Ben
  2. Site URL: http://www.benpeers.com/creative Hi all, I want to ensure clicking on the logo within my site does not direct the user back to the splash page. I did this by installing the following code in the header injection of each page: This method seemed to work for a few days and then it stopped working. Any help would be appreciated! :) Thank you
  3. Site URL: http://www.benpeers.com/creative Hello, The front page of my site is an Index page. I would like to be able to add a headline between the header and the top of the collection of projects. It seems like a simple thing but I can't work it out. Any advice or help would be much appreciated! Thank you.
  4. Hi all, it seems maybe this isn't possible, but if I paid somebody do you think it would be feasible to be coded?
  5. Yes! That's done the trick - you're a star. Thank you so much.
  6. Hi there, thank you for that. I've done it and it's still showing up huge...
  7. Site URL: http://www.benpeers.com/creative Hello, I have an index page which displays projects, some of which fall into different/the same categories. It would be really helpful to me to be able to allow the user to apply some kind of filter, whether that is through a dropdown menu or otherwise, which would only show projects in the chosen category. I would like the main page to still show all work. Any bright ideas on how to do this would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance
  8. Hi there. It's enabled now. I didn't want it showing because it's embarassing!
  9. Site URL: http://www.benpeers.com When I first used this custom CSS a few months ago, it worked like a dream: .sqs-cookie-banner-v2 p, { color: #666666 !important; font-family: "Chivo", sans-serif; font-size: 15px !important; font-style: normal; font-weight: 200; letter-spacing: .7px; line-height: 150%; } However, now the cookies banner font is ridiculously huge, and only when I actually go into the Custom CSS panel does it update to being the right size. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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