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  1. Site URL: https://www.hairdressinglive.com/coia-styles The embedded codes on the "enrol" buttons do not properly work on pages with two options. The first button displays the second class (Diamond lights) first and when you click "X", it will display the first class (Solar blends) which is supposed to be the only one directed. This error makes the second button to not function, which is supposed to be directed to second class (Diamond lights). Also, the "Purchase both masterclasses" button shows the subscription for the entire masterclasses offered in our site instead of only these two classes. We have already checked that the links for these buttons are properly coded, which makes the error confusing. Same goes for these pages too, which previously worked before: Hairdressing Live — Golden Blonde Colour and Classic Salon Cut by Claudia Walsh Hairdressing Live — Technical Precision on Curly Hair & Precise Salon Wearable Shape with Davide Spinelli
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