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  1. Thank you kindly @paul2009, much obliged. I'm so through with Square, the support is lousy, the way they pass it off as a functional option, and the way they mislead you into thinking it actually does something beneficial to your site unless you give up all you've done and join their platform is just beyond the pale. I've wasted near on a week now trying to learn about how to integrate it, been sold their stupid reader despite them knowing it won't work with my site. And Squarespace should be more frank about it's integration and what and why you'd need it, not to mention possibly include to tell people that you can't bloody use it if your website is in Canada. It would have been easier to hardcode my site in dreamweaver, than suffer this half assed misery. Thank you for setting me straight, something that neither companies have or seem willing to do for their own customers.
  2. Site URL: https://cloudhousebakery.com I've read online that Square works in Canada but I can't connect my P-O-S to it in the commerce section when I try to connect to Square, my store is based in Canada and the Authorisation keeps stating that it wont connect because I'm not in the US - see image below. When I first tried to connect, it let me join, fill out all my forms etc, details, I even ordered the reader only to find now that it apparently won't even let me connect now I've wasted days trying to implement and connect the two and wrestle with implementing joint features. Does anyone else know if this is true, or is there something I'm overlooking Can you even connect Square in Canada!? So far this whole experience is turning out to be a nightmare... 😞
  3. Site URL: https://cloudhousebakery.com SIte's a work in progress - Password :Nibbles I'm currently trying to set up my cart options for payment etc but want to stipulate that some products are for collection (between certain times or certain days, and some can be delivered), but can't seem to find any options or information on how this can be done and would gratefully appreciate any help . Is there a way of doing this in squarespace or do I have to do this through external apps/extensions etc!? I have connected my account to Square and Stripe for payment options etc, and just wondered if others had been able to do so, and if so how and if this option was something that had to be integrated through (Square/Stripe) rather than squarespace. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks, I'll look into Zapier. I was leaning towards thinking I may have to just manually change the count. For now it's not so bad as we have a small inventory, I just wonder how people do this when they have thousands of items...!? Importing from a *.csv sounds possible. I haven't played with this but shall look into it. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, thanks for the input...you mentiones a 'time driven trigger', is this available on squarespace already or something I have to implement ie code or get a plugin for?
  6. Thanks, I'm new to squarespace so will look into the api side of things! Appreciate the feedback though, thanks again.
  7. As a noob to squarespace this seems like one of the most significant issues traders need to be able to tackle. I'm setting up a bakery and we have soup meal deals, we have 12 portions available and want to offer a choice of scones to accompany them, I can set the number for soup to 12 if i sell it alone, and i can set 12 for sale with each scone if i set up variants, but as we have 4 variations that then suggests that we have 48 portions available which we dont, we have 12 with any of the above. I need to be able to sell 12 portions with whatever scone people pick, and when 12 portions of soup have been sold it's no longer available... I can't work out why such a trivial request is impossible, or am I overlooking something...!? Can i get plugins to help or code this? Surely there must be a way as it's such a simple request applicable for most businesses...!?
  8. Site URL: https://cloudhousebakery.com When we set up our inventory section for the site, is there a way to restock the whole products list at the end of each day/week/month or do I have to go through each product item one by one and amend the number everyday subject to resupply etc. ie. Everyday we make so many items for sale, at the end of each day we'll be left with either 0 items left of whatever hasn't sold, as we make the same number of items for each day, can I restock them all to capacity automatically or manually, or do I have to amend the inventory number to every item everyday? As I'm new to squarespace I'm hoping that there's something I've overlooked. Thanks in advance.
  9. Site URL: https://cloudhousebakery.com Site password : Nibbles We're just setting up our bakery and I was wondering if it's possible to sell certain products on certain days. ie. Pies and Scones Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays and then have it so that Gluten-Free was available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm new to squarespace but having searched, I haven't seen any obvious way to work this out and wondered if anyone else had done or used anything similar on their site or knew how this could be done. So far I've added all the products to an inventory and don't know where to go next, thanks in advance.
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