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  1. Hi, are you able to figure out what the problem is? Thanks!
  2. Screen Recording 2021-03-26 at 5.02.38 PM.mov Now it looks like this. I've attached a screen recording of what it looks like now. I want the search bar, account button, and cart button all to be directly next to each other.
  3. It worked perfectly! Thanks so much! To resize, I added these two lines: width: 19px; height: 19px;
  4. Site URL: https://boldhumansco.com/ Hi! I have a few items in the header: search bar, login, and shopping cart. It looks fine when in full screen, but it overlaps when the window is minimized. I've attached screenshots of full screen and minimized. I've also attached the Custom CSS code for the search bar, which is what is messing everything up. All help is appreciated, thanks so much! // SEARCH BAR // design search bar .header-search-bar{ margin: 0 0 10 10vw; } @media only screen and (pointer: coarse) and (max-width: 1024px), screen and (max-width: 799px ){ .header-search-bar{ display:none; margin: 0 0 10 10vw; } } .header-search-bar .search-input{ border: 1px solid currentColor !important; } .header-search-bar .search-input::placeholder{ color: currentColor !important; } .mobile-header-search-bar{ background-color: transparent; display:block; padding-left:3vw; padding-right:3vw; } .mobile-header-search-bar .preFade, .mobile-header-search-bar .preScale,.mobile-header-search-bar .preSlide,.mobile-header-search-bar .preClip, .header-search-bar .preFade, .header-search-bar .preScale, .header-search-bar .preSlide, .header-search-bar .preClip{ opacity:1 !important; transform: scale(0.9) translate(190%,0%) !important; } // reduce height .sqs-search-ui-button-wrapper .search-input { padding-top: 3px; padding-bottom: 3px; border-top: none !important; border-left: none !important; border-right: none !important; } // remove the highlight box on focus .sqs-search-ui-button-wrapper .search-input.hover-effect:hover, .sqs-search-ui-button-wrapper .search-input.hover-effect:focus{ outline: none !important; } // dark icon .header-search-bar .search-input{ background: url(/universal/images-v6/icons/icon-searchqueries-20-dark.png) no-repeat 13px 50% !important; } Website: https://boldhumansco.com/ Password: baldisbold
  5. Site URL: https://boldhumansco.com/ Hi! I want to replace the login button, which is currently just "Login", with an icon. The icon I want is attached below. A screenshot of what I have right now is below. I want the icon to be the same size as the shopping cart icon as well. The website is https://www.boldhumansco.com/, password is baldisbold. Any help is appreciated, thanks so much!
  6. I've decided to just do it like this, since it's a much cleaner look. The screenshot is below. However, as you can see, the reCAPTCHA is formatted very strangely. How do I make it the normal rectangular shape that is on every other form (screenshot below)?
  7. Sorry, I wasn't clear with my words. I want it all to be a horizontal line. I was thinking something like the screenshot below, except a lot more organized. Thanks so much!
  8. Site URL: https://boldhumansco.com/ Hi all! I have a newsletter block at my footer and have added a reCAPTCHA checkbox to it. I'd like it to all be in one line rather than being bulky and the reCAPTCHA checkbox being randomly placed. Pretty much, I'd just like everything, including the reCAPTCHA checkbox to be in a single line. I only have the form title ("Subscribe to our newsletter"), an email textfield/input, submit button (Join Us), and a reCAPTCHA checkbox. If you can provide code that would make it all one line, it would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance! If possible, it would be even better if you can provide code that actually hides the reCAPTCHA checkbox until the "Join Us" button is clicked. But if that's not possible, either is fine, this is just preferred! Thanks! The link is : https://boldhumansco.com/ Password: baldisbold
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