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  1. Nope not yet. Page : plumcompetitions. Com/gaming-competiitons/p/peacock Password: google123 I'm also trying to change checkout button background color to black and the checkout button font colour to yellow. I've tried everything, tried all the codes I found in 3 different forms to no avail. I'm using 7.1 Thank you in advance
  2. Site URL: https://www.plumcompetitions.com/ hello guys, i would like to know if its possible to do some coding to my website. ive been in contact with sqs they said its not possible to redirect customer to different page like what you can do with the newsletter. so im wondering if its possible to achieve this through coding. thanks guys url: plumcompetitions.com google123
  3. Hey tuanphan :) Could you help me. Out please? I want to make a questionnaire with 4 multiple choice answers each in sperate textarea. Needs to be attached to each product I'm selling. Could you help me out on something like that please? :/ Thamk you
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