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  1. It worked! BUT any reason the first item in the first row starts in the SECOND column??(first item in first column is blank space??)Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://www.chuckgumpert.com/merch-ccb Hello, I've seen many CSS fixes for this in the forum. But none seem to work with my site. Is it only a 7.1 thing? Is it not possible with Avenue template? If the 2 column thing isn't a possibility, I'd alternatively like to add padding between products when viewed in one column on mobile. Thanks in advance.
  3. My workaround is clunky but works(ish) okay... Created a "by weight" shipping option called "Stickers Only" -- small weights incrementally charge FirstClass rates up to my smallest boxed item weight, then the prices jump up dramatically so that the checkout page pre-chooses the cheaper carrier rate and the customer isn't inclined to "cheat" or "accidentally" choose the "Sticker" rate. Don't know if that makes any sense. Pretty new to the whole thing -- not sure if it's ideal for the long run...
  4. tired this on this page: https://www.chuckgumpert.com/merch-ccb didn't affect the gap (padding) between Category Nav and first row of items... is there a different CSS id ?
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