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  1. @Tuanphan thanks so much! That's sorted it out on mobile nicely 🤩 Thanks again! Emma
  2. On desktop I'd like the form to fill the width of the page roughly (like a newsletter block) and on mobile the form currently is off-centre and disappears off the right hand side of the screen. I'd like it to appear centralised and fit the mobile screen width better ideally
  3. Hi! it's https://www.emmasevillecompletewellness.com/ - the form is in the footer. Thanks 🙂
  4. I've embedded a Substack form in a client's footer. It's not displaying well on either desktop or mobile. I've played around with CSS to try to alter it, but it's not worked. Would love to try adding code from someone who knows what they're doing 😂 Thanks!
  5. Is it possible to trigger an automatic email from Mailerlite (new version) when someone buys a product from a Squarespace site? I need to send an email with Zoom link to attendees of an online event. Then a reminder on the day of the event. The website is currently on a Business plan.
  6. @tuanphan Thanks so much for this! It's perfect now 🙂 I'll email you about the invalid font face code 👍
  7. Site URL: https://sadiespikescuriouscabinet.com/alternative-art-school-bristol Hi, I'm looking to reduce the amount of space each side of text and buttons in a list section on mobile view only. The web copy is being displayed in a narrow central area meaning that some of the words, and specifically the buttons are forced to drop vertically over several lines, rather than run across one line horizontally. Does anyone know of a css fix for this please? Thanks!
  8. *QUICK UPDATE ON THIS* for anyone who encounters this problem. Despite the error message I was getting here, it all now seems to be working. I contacted Myfonts and they assure me that the 'counter' is definitely tracking page views. Happy days 🙂
  9. Thanks for the advice Dave. Any idea where I'm going wrong..? When I add the specific license/counter part of the CSS to the website, I'm getting this error message: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'href')
  10. It's a pay-as-you go-font so I'm pretty sure I need to add tracking code somewhere. I checked on Myfonts.com's view counter for the font I purchased and installed on the website I'm discussing. The website is live, but isn't showing a single view there, so something isn't right. The Squarespace analytics tell me that there have definitely been visitors.
  11. I added the custom font css code to the whole site. It's all appearing fine: Design > Custom css > copy and pasted into the column on the left in editor. However, Myfonts needs to track how many of all the website's pages are viewed. So is it the header that I'll need to add their tracking css? And if so then would it be a code injection? I'm not very familiar with css. Thanks
  12. Hi, I've successfully added a custom font to a website but I'm struggling with how / where to add the css code which tracks page views. The font license purchased from Myfonts allows 250,000 views and so I need to enable the counting. Their advice is a bit vague so I'm hoping someone here can help. Am I right in thinking the code I need to add to the header is...? <!-- /** * @license * MyFonts Webfont Build ID 262022 * * The fonts listed in this notice are subject to the End User License * Agreement(s) entered into by the website owner. All other parties are * explicitly restricted from using the Licensed Webfonts(s). * * You may obtain a valid license from one of MyFonts official sites. * http://www.fonts.com * http://www.myfonts.com * http://www.linotype.com * */ --> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="MyFontsWebfontsKit.css">
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