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  1. Thanks for those videos but they don't really help with the problem I have at the mo sorry.
  2. Site URL: https://www.welshphotographer.co.uk/ Sorry if the title is a little click bait, but I watch a few photographers who said video is sponsored by Squarespace.....it's dead simple.....get going in no time at all..... Yeah right! I'm struggling at the mo. I have the basic design for what I want so far, I have a blog to write up and put on there as well as a few projects and future exhibition news and images to add and I've got my head around all that. Where I'm struggling is the shop. I haven't even looked at CEO yet as until I crack the shop and get it working I see no
  3. Site URL: https://www.welshphotographer.co.uk/ Hi all, Here is my website I'm currently making: https://www.welshphotographer.co.uk/ I'd like to add my images for sale but when I go to the Commerce tab and then finish setting up my store by adding products for sale, it takes me back to top navigation for inputting / amending new pages and I can't add anything for sale? Help! Thanks
  4. Answered my own question - I needed to go to page settings and then media to add it back in! If I want to add a straight gallery page when pressing the + button under pages - can I not have a different gallery option to the one I mentioned above? Oh yeah - Any feedback would be appreciated! Got a load to do ...!
  5. Site URL: https://www.welshphotographer.co.uk/ Please help! So I've jumped over to Squarespace from my existing company as the templates there were dated and I needed a fresh look. My website is https://www.welshphotographer.co.uk/ If I set up a new page as a gallery page I get a thumbnail on the opening 'home' page of the first image in the gallery which is great BUT the only gallery option I have is to have the images on the page static, one under the other, they're too large and can't be clicked or edited. If I make a new blank page I can add a gallery
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