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  1. Hi I am trying to import a mailing list, at first it was around 1200 subscribers, I tried uploading then it says its failed "This list has addresses that may cause high bounce rates and spam reports. Remove any fake, invalid, and improperly formatted addresses, and ensure you have consent to mail everyone on your list." then I user Bouncer, to remove all undeliverable, risky or spam emails. I uploaded the new CSV and its still the same. Please help i do not want to manually add one each but I will if I have to.
  2. having this issue, squarespace still hasnt fixed it in more than a year. Like half the other issues they have.
  3. Site URL: https://qsolutionsgroup.squarespace.com/ Hi I need some help putting a carousel banner on my page, I used to have a working carousel banner just by putting a carousel below the banner. I recently turned my home page into an index page and it doesnt work anymore it just shows a carousel. This is on my home page. please help! Password: squarespace
  4. Site URL: https://qsolutionsgroup.squarespace.com/ Hi i need help putting a carousel banner on my home page - I was able to do it originally and it automatically put the carousel to the banner. But i changed my homepage to an index page and it stopped working? Is there anyway to fix this. Please help I asked two months ago and no reply 😕 Password: squarespace Bedford, Anya Template
  5. That sucks, I guess the only way is to have a link to a separate program/site that allows this kind of stuff. hopefully in the future they will add some integrations/updates that allow for this.
  6. I think your talking about the header navigation bar? No I dont want a dropdown anymore, but in the resources section (where there is a dropdown), the side navigation where it has blogs, faqs, news etc used to say "RESOURCES" (the folder title) at the top of the side navigation. What I want to be able to do is make the folder title show at the top as well as link to a seperate page called "RESOURCES" but also have the drop down to the separate pages. Is this possible?
  7. Bottom of about page, bottom of page at the our process section.
  8. Site URL: https://qsolutionsgroup.squarespace.com/ Hi is there anyway to change dotpoints in a site, I want to make the dotpoints ticks, I want to make a checklist that also works on mobile. Password is squarespace bedford template.
  9. Site URL: https://qsolutionsgroup.squarespace.com/ Hi how do I change the spacing between dot points, im trying to have dot points closer together, im using bedford template and my password is 'squarespace'
  10. No I didnt think about that, thought there would be a way to do that. Thanks
  11. Site URL: https://qsolutionsgroup.squarespace.com/ Hi I was wondering if it was possible to link an anchor link to a different page, I would like 3 seperate links next to eachother on the home page linking to different locations on one different page (About). Ive tried putting the anchor link in like normal but it didnt work. Im using the bedford template and the password to the site is "squarespace"
  12. Site URL: https://qsolutionsgroup.squarespace.com/ Hi I need some help with my squarespace site, Im using Bedford, Anya and the password is "squarespace" On my site on each of the different services we have a wide range of different specific services down the sidebar navigation, I would like to be able to click on the top title which would link me to a page with content, not just link to the top page in that folder. Its not even showing the folder in the top title like it used to I dont know if I change a setting or what, also when im on my News page in the resources folder its not even showing the sidebar links? Very confused. Thank you if I could get some help that would be appreciated.
  13. Site URL: https://qsolutionsgroup.squarespace.com/ Hi i need some help with adding a portal for clients where they can access resources and documents, but I also want to reduce the risk of these clients sharing their password around for anyone to access these clients and I have a few questions regarding that. The current idea for a client portal is make a password protected page linked to a client portal link on the home page, but this does not make it very secure - It would be much easier to have a full login with a username password and maybe some other verification process to ensure that only our clients are using it - maybe with a dashboard where we can see who is logging in and how much they are logging in. 1. Can you see IP addresses/information about those who are logging into your pages? 2. is there a login integration including in SquareSpace, such as an account creation option where you can login through those credentials? If someone could help that would be greatly appreciated! Password to the site is "squarespace"
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