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  1. Hello, That worked! Thank you. I guess it is the Checkout page. The one you go to next right after you hit the PURCHASE button. So that one has to remain black? I guess that is ok. Thank you again.
  2. Site URL: http://thehouseofredvelvet.com/store Hello, 1. I am looking to fine tune the PURCHASE button on the bottom of the page on my website. I added code to change the background color to white as it is easier to read for a store. But, the PURCHASE button got messed up. 2. I also need to change the cart page to white as well. Not sure if the link works, but after you add an item and go to purchase, the page should be white as well. https://secure.squarespace.com/checkout?cartToken=dgrM46jTwmaL9p2GcYO7YIgG_CIxs4tA-8IuCcOm Thank you. This is the CODE I have in the Store page: <style> #overlayNav * {color: white!important} #siteWrapper {background-color : white!important;} #mainNavWrapper nav a, #mainNavWrapper nav a:visited, #mainNavWrapper nav label {color: #ddd9d9!important} body * {color: black!important;} #preFooter p, p *, h2, h3 {color: white!important} #footer * {color: white!important} .sqs-cookie-banner-v2-text *, .sqs-cookie-banner-v2-acceptWrapper * {color: white!important} #mainNavigation div a {color: #ffffff !important;} #mainNavigation div a:hover {color: hsl(0, 69%, 37%) !important;} #mainNavigation div.active a {color: hsl(0, 69%, 37%) !important;} #footer .nav-wrapper *:hover {color: hsl(0, 69%, 37%)!important} .small-button-style-outline .sqs-block-button .sqs-block-button-element--small {color: white!important;} .small-button-style-outline .sqs-block-button .sqs-block-button-element--small:hover {color: black!important;} .newsletter-form-button-label {color: white!important;} .sqs-editable-button-shape:hover * {color: black!important;} </style>
  3. Hello, Do you know where I can change this on my site? https://thehouseofredvelvet.com/store I do not see the same place you are describing. I would love four products in a row. Thank you!
  4. Would you know how to fix the two buttons in my Pre-Footer for the Memoirs pages only? They work on all other pages, but for the blog post pages, they are hovering with a white and keeping a white text. All other pages, they highlight white, but go to a black text. I am open to changing the style of the button, but do you know how to change this? Thank you!! https://www.thehouseofredvelvet.com/memoirs/welcome
  5. This is amazing. But, how do you do this for the Footer navigation? Would you just change it to Footernavigation in the title? Thank you. thehouseofredvelvet.com
  6. This did it. The only thing is the button text was technically the red color I had before, but I just changed it to white. It probably should be white to stay consistent with the text. The only thing, and I am unsure why is the "Post Comment" is still dark and not white text. It is on a dark gray/black button, but the text is black. https://www.thehouseofredvelvet.com/memoirs/two-ways-to-support-mental-health
  7. This did it. Except is there a way to exclude the pre-footer? It turned that text black. https://www.thehouseofredvelvet.com/memoirs/welcome Thank you. I am learning a lot. Appreciate your help.
  8. Yes, same page as last post (because you can see it now.) https://www.thehouseofredvelvet.com/memoirs/two-ways-to-support-mental-health The Likes and Share button there by the Comments section.
  9. For some reason, when I put that code in the Blog Item Injection, it shows up on the bottom of the page written out and the page is still black. https://www.thehouseofredvelvet.com/memoirs/two-ways-to-support-mental-health
  10. Actually I made a mistake. This changed my whole site white now. I may have to see if this can go into the Blog pages only.
  11. Thank you so much. This fixed the last bits. I am missing the Social share button that is right below the Tagged: bit on the individual blog posts. Not sure what it is called, but it highlights so you can tweet it, or pin it,etc. Would you know how to fix this? Thank you!!
  12. I am speaking too soon! It is HEADING 3 that isn't showing up. I changed it to Heading 2 for now so you can see it, but I need to add Heading 3 the capability. The only thing that seems missing also is the word Comments below. //Memoir & Memoirs Background Colour Change #collection-603c26a15e1da817afdb2025 #siteWrapper, #collection-5fe17ac8c70e3835b6f14b1e #siteWrapper { background-color : white; color : black } //Site-Wide Change Various Text to Black h1 a, p *, h2, .entry-header a, .entry-source, .entry-comments, .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-metadata-item { color: black;} #collection-5fe17ac8c70e3835b6f14b1e #siteWrapper { background-color : white; color : black!important; .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-title a { color: black!important; } } #collection-603c26a15e1da817afdb2025 #siteWrapper { background-color : white; color : black!important; .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-title a { color: black!important; } } #siteWrapper { background-color : white; color : black } h1 a, p *, h2, .entry-header a, .entry-source, .entry-comments, .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-metadata-item { color: black!important} Above is WHAT I HAVE in Custom CSS
  13. Actually I out it in the Custom CSS and it turned white! But, I am missing the headings on the individual blog pages. Shows up white (like for example on : https://www.thehouseofredvelvet.com/memoirs/flowers-of-evil But they work on the other ones. Strange!
  14. There seems to be some changes unless that is from the other code, but the pages are still black. Hmm. Thank you so much for your help by the way. I really appreciate it.
  15. Actually just added the previous code I had in there, and now the Memoir page is good. But the thehouseofredvelvet.com/memoirs still is missing the tag links and titles for some reason. Also, I am wondering because that is the Blog page in Squarespace (the one I am working off of), that would matter. I would like to get it where the individual blog pages were all white background also. Hmm
  16. Some of that worked, but I am still missing the headings on the Memoirs page, and Memoir. I added the color: black; to include the regular text. I had to take out the important on the bottom because it changed the link color in the footer to black. I tried adding the title code that I had before for the Memoir page, but for some reason it didn't get it. Here is what I have: //Memoir & Memoirs Background Colour Change #collection-603c26a15e1da817afdb2025 #siteWrapper, #collection-5fe17ac8c70e3835b6f14b1e #siteWrapper { background-color : white; color : black } //Site-Wide Change Various Text to Black h1 a, p *, h2, .entry-header a, .entry-source, .entry-comments, .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-metadata-item { color: black;}
  17. Is that 7.1? Unfortunately they don't have a seperate change for Blogs on this one. I believe it is all code. I have this so far: (for both) #collection-5fe17ac8c70e3835b6f14b1e #siteWrapper { background-color : white; color : black!important; .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-title a { color: black!important; } } #collection-603c26a15e1da817afdb2025 #siteWrapper { background-color : white; color : black!important; .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-title a { color: black!important; } }
  18. Thank you for this. These are the two pages. thehouseofredvelvet.com/memoir thehouseofredvelvet.com/memoirs It seems to get some of it, but not all of the headings that I have in the blog. I am also trying to figure out how to make the change happen on all of the pages in the blog section memoirs. Which is the one I use to build off of. Do you happen to know how to do this? Thank you for your help!
  19. Thank you so much. I am actually changing it to white background. I have some of the text changed to black, but I need ALL the text to black. Do you know if there is a way to change this on the thehouseofredvelvet.com/memoirs page as well so it will automatically do it on every new blog post? Thank you so much for the wonderful help!!
  20. Also, all of the text on the page. Realized the links and tags need to be black also. Thank you.
  21. This worked, except I need my headings to go black as well. It would be this page: https://www.thehouseofredvelvet.com/memoir as well as: https://www.thehouseofredvelvet.com/memoirs and all the individual blog pages. I am using the first link as the navigation tab on top that is just an Index page to serve as a table of contents, and then the seond one I am building off of. It is unlinked, but the one I am still using. Thank you!
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