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  1. Sorry for my late reply, I've been a bit under siege with data entry and styling details 😅. Thank you for pointing that out - unfortunately this isn't my website so I don't want to make any changes beyond the section I'm working on 🙂
  2. This issue has now been solved using the id of the data section attribute like so: [data-section-id="123a456b789101112cde1fg31"] { background-color:transparent !important; } [data-section-id="123a456b789101112cde1fg31"] .section-background { background-color:transparent !important; }
  3. @tuanphan The url is now: https://www.bcaexhibits.org/objects-revealed-styling-test, password: ObjectsRevealed_21 As you can see, I've been trying an alternative route where I treat the background image to the section as I would to the body element. However, this isn't working either - I want the image to repeat but nothing I'm doing seems to effect the actual background of the section. Even though I'm trying this other route, ideally, I would still rather set section backgrounds to transparent as it helps with design consistency and also keeps the content structure better defin
  4. Site URL: https://www.bcaexhibits.org/objects-revealed-1 I am trying to add a background image to certain pages on a website, and whilst I finally found the easy way to do this, the main issue is that the content sections cover up the image. I want to be able to set the section backgrounds to transparent so that the background image shows through (I will add background colours to specific blocks). When experimenting in chrome inspector, the following worked: :not(.has-background) .section-background { background-color: transparent; } EDIT: I have also tri
  5. Would you mind sharing how you did it? I've been trying to get a background image to appear and it's driving me crazy. I almost managed it in inspect tools by setting the background for any .section-background div to transparent, but it didn't work on the actual website and even in the inspector, I could only show the body element background colour, not the image. It's very frustrating! If anyone else would be able to help, the website in question is: https://www.bcaexhibits.org/objects-revealed-1, password: ObjectsRevealed_21
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