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  1. I was finally able to put my resume as PDF on my website and the only way to do it is with ISSUU. Here's the link with the instructions: link text
  2. I'll check it out. I also saw and tried some options with iframe but I was not able to make it work. Im not familiar with it either. Thank you anyway!
  3. I have searched and tried many options to upload and display and PDF on Squarespace and nothing works for me. I get the part on how to upload the pdf into Squarespace (add a text, link, upload file) and then everyone says the file is in /s/myfile.pdf Then, I don't know what to do. Some use a code, others CSS but I can't get it right either way.. I don't know code and I'm stuck on how to display it. I don't the link to open a new window with the pdf, or download it. I want to see it on my website Thank you for your help!
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