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  1. Hello Derrick and thank you for answer me. As you guessed, I'm still in a trial period. I began by Balboa template but I'm discovering squarspace and change all the template now isn't a problem. I'll take a look at the templates you purposed me. thank you again !
  2. Site URL: https://gecko-flugelhorn-am5r.squarespace.com/ Hello everyone ! I tried to find some information on this forum but I only found partial answers. I began to use the Balboa template. My goal would be to have a vertical menu. Not only vertical in a header staying at the head of the page but as a fixed sidebar stayling left during the scrolling on the page content (I hope it is clear). To be clearer, I added a screen shot of my old website to keep it more understandable. I saw that some templates naturally does this kind of things. I tried bedford but didn't find the pla
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