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  1. Greetings, I am a contract developer / new to squarespace and trying to help an existing customer create an interface / upload a PDF file to their Squarespace static file repository and then also create a link entry into the customers Squarespace webpage section . I looked around and thought / assumed there would be a way to maintain the squarespace website structure and templates and even the files itself by using SFTP option but when I connect and browse to the customers sitename folder I do see some files but they do not contain or appear to reflect the actual live website and its contents. Not sure what I am doing wrong or perhaps it cannot be done by SFTP? Does Squarespace have an interface / api that programmatically lets a squarespace website be altered , upload pdfs for example and create link entries for starters into an existing website template blocks etc? If somebody could point me in the correct direction , then that would be amazing. Thank you in advance for the time and support. Kind Regards Edwin
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