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  1. The changes in 7.1 have totally screwed me up. Apparently they aren't index pages anymore on certain templates.
  2. https://meals-on-wheels-ls.squarespace.com/ pw: mowls
  3. @tuanphan any idea how to modify this code snippet to only affect the first banner image on an index homepage? When I use the snippet as-is, it affects all section background images on the homepage index. I only want the first one changed. Do I have to add the block ID or the hash-tagged section name? Thanks!
  4. More so looking for feedback about integration between Salesforce and SQS. Wondering if they play nice or if the integration is buggy and difficult. Guess I'll find out!
  5. Does anyone have experience integrating Salesforce (and SF Marketing Cloud) with a SQS site? I'd like to know if anyone has encountered issues that I should know about going in to it. Has it been a smooth integration or were there hiccups? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks Circle. @colin.irwin @Scoobie @SarahM @paul2009 -- guessing you all probably have quite a bit of experience with this integration?...
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