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  1. Interesting article with core web vitals chart comparison for each platform...doesn't surprise me that squarespace ranks poor. Its well known by now that squarespace platform does not perform well with the new core web vitals and there is little you can do about it. Wish squarespace would get serious about addressing this issue.
  2. This post needs to stay on the front page till SQSP figures this out. Anyone with new developments on this thread please share your results.
  3. Just received this email today regarding what looks like the official extension announcement with tax jar for automatic tax calculation based on address entered in your online store. Wondering if any one has tried this out yet for some feedback...how it working?
  4. Just ran into this very thing...Didn't fix a anything my website just clicked validate to go through the process...Thankfully passed.on
  5. Anyone with new developments on this thread please share your results.
  6. Added an image of something that popped up on the backend of my website in the Commerce section. A survey by Squarespace asking "How do your customers receive orders?" If you haven't already taken it do so as it gives you a chance to put in some wish list items under the "What would you like to see in Squarespace Commerce" I've attached a picture on where to find it in the commerce section. Lets give squarespace some feedback on what we'd like see improved!
  7. If you're using 7.0 Go to Design > Site Styles and look for the HEADER: LAYOUT section. There's a setting called Cart Position and you can change the position to Hide. Once you save the settings, the cart icon will be hidden on desktop. Note that there's a second setting for the mobile view in the MOBILE:CART section
  8. Thanks for the feedback primal, sounds like you've put in the work to try and clean things up to dial in your core web vitals and still getting the same results...good to know. Here is squarespaces response my google search console question - "First I wanted to start by clarifying that Google Search Console, while it is a great resource to use for your site, is not necessarily optimized for analyzing sites built on a CMS (Content Management System) like Squarespace. It's algorithm for detecting inaccuracies that it thinks is incorrect, doesn't necessarily mean that it's a genuine issue on our platform. They use a set formula to apply to a wide variety of different CMS systems. Alas, they don't have a specific algorithm for detecting Squarespace-specific issues. This shouldn't affect your ranking, as it's more about alerting you of ways to improve your site. They're ultimately providing a blanket diagnosis. I'd also like to note that because Google Search Console is a third party tool, it would also be outside of our scope of support to interpret emails like this from Google Search Console. With that said, we do have a guide here that covers some of the errors and emails that you may see: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206543207-Understanding-Google-SEO-emails-and-console-errors"
  9. Yes just found the "Page Experience" section in our Google Search Console, here is what it looks like for us. Things we have no control over we are being penalized for in Google.
  10. On our online store we will only be using UPS to ship, curious to know if there is a way to restrict PO Boxes as Addresses through a setting in Squarespace or is it possible to use code somehow. Maybe setup a condition - "Does Not Equal" and value would be po box,p.o. box,p.o box,po. box,pobox,p.o.box,p.obox,po.box, post office box. Another scenario I've been researching is to maybe connect shopify on the back end and use one of their apps like in this article here any information would be appreciated Thanks! M
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