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  1. Thanks for responding. My site is now on line and visible. I have continued to refine the design of my website but still feel strongly that I need substantially more space between the the items of my gallery pages on MOBILE. I have managed a "work around" on the "Watercolors" gallery page. Here I have entered 3 blank lines below the caption text. This creates the space I want on the mobile view. Unfortunately on smaller screens like my laptop the caption bounces, as an overlay, over to the right side. This is not acceptable to me either. I would be happy with either:
  2. Site URL: https://silver-grouse-tc6g.squarespace.com/config/ Hello, In the MOBILE view, I would like to increase the space between each of the images in my gallery pages. I am using Wells template and my issue is only with the mobile, where it can be confusing as to whether a caption belongs to the image above, or the one below. I would like more space between the images regardless for a less cluttered look (and giving more importance to each image).
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