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  1. You forgot the "t" in "height" in the original posed question!
  2. Hey Colin, hope you are well. I am having trouble understanding your advice on this article from 2014. You mentioned that "you can use scripting and the YouTube API to go to another page once the video ends."

    I am working with Vimeo, and was hoping to understand how I might be able to do this. I created a "landing page" in SS V7.1 buy removing the header and footer in that specific pages "Page Header Code Injection". I have inserted the video I want as the background, but I would love for it to push right to the "home" page. Right now I put an "Enter" button in there. I was hoping to just skip that step so people are brought right to the site.

    Thank you in advance,


    For reference: www.terranorbital.com

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