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  1. @tuanphan This fixes my issue with the text getting cut off but also creates a TON of extra whitespace. Same issue as before— is there a way for the text to not get cut off without creating all this negative space on mobile? Screen recording below: 808af479376b4e4d98b1290efca30d85.mp4
  2. Helped with showing the full text but now there's a ton of extra space. I tried adjusting the height variable but it's not helping. Would you mind taking another look? Thank you @tuanphan 🙂 c637d8a6da7847319fd6a09d3fb3b18a.mp4
  3. No, I lose the description text on the image card in mobile and tablet view. Screengrabs attached!
  4. Site URL: http://livelifelivewell.net/testsite Hi there, I used a packed gallery on the top of my home page but the text is getting cut off when I preview my site in mobile. Is there an easy way to fix this with CSS so we can keep the text size the same, but see all of the content? Screengrab attached. Thank you in advance!
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