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  1. I want the blue background to the card though, on the white background of the website. How do I do that?
  2. Site URL: https://elk-carnation-c43w.squarespace.com/le-forum-des-journalistes-canadiens Is there a way to change the alignment of an image block card? I'd like the image to be to the left of the text instead of on top of it. I've tried CSS but nothing is working. I'd also like the card to be in the centre of the section. Website: https://elk-carnation-c43w.squarespace.com/le-forum-des-journalistes-canadiens pw: JourFor2021
  3. Thanks. It's still not working. I also need it to direct back to the English website so it will need a URL. I think I'll try to find another option.
  4. Thanks. Unfortunately that didn't work.
  5. Site URL: https://elk-carnation-c43w.squarespace.com/ I am creating a "French' section on my website and would like the header button to switch to "English" once someone clicks on French. Allowing them to go back to the main website. Is there a code injection I can use on the French page to change the button on that page only?
  6. Is there a way to move a project page to a different page in my navigation? I'm using V. 7.1
  7. I'm trying to turn off the background video loop and have it stop on the last frame. I've tried JS but it's not working. Any suggestions?
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