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  1. Not the exact answer you wanted, but you could try auto-forwarding from that email address. In gmail it's under Settings > Forwarding/POP.
  2. Thanks for that link so I could get a more detailed look. But it still looks to be rating only. Looking for something that has rating capability as well as room for comments so customers can review my items.
  3. Site URL: https://www.getzerolikes.com/ Hello, I'd like to add customer review capabilities to my site. It looks like squarespace has four options to choose from to embed code. However, three of those options are comment-only, and the fourth is rating-only. Ideally I'd want reviewers to be able to rate and comment, as I would think most e-commerce site owners would. Does anyone have a solution that they use or know about? Any other reviews info or experiences would also be helpful. My idea is to have review functionality for each product at the bottom for the item's page, and then
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