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  1. Thank you very much! Now visitors do not get a wrong answer. A big difference!
  2. Thanks for the respons @tuanphan! Search page URL: https://www.arvesund.com/sok The blog page I wish to show up instead of ”Your search did not match any documents'': https://www.arvesund.com/blogg/https/wwwarvesundcom/blog-page-url/hitta-i-webbplatsen Thanks in advance!
  3. Today Search bar replies that some information we have does not exist on our site. It's a disaster. But if we can replace the text ”Your search did not match any documents'' with a link to a help page, it would be a lot better. Until Squarespace have fixed this problem. Squarespace answer this is on the working-list. Since the search function seems to work on our blog pages, the help-page should be a blog page. Also important search-words have a chance to be found there by the Search-function. Is there any ideas on coding for exchange the answer to a specific link when Search can’t find documents?
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