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  1. Thanks! I have started a new thread with my question:
  2. I am trying to make the text "Notes, Queries and Explanations" at the top of the individual blog posts a link back to the home blog page. The text is currently added using the content attribute and am having trouble working out the javascript. What can I do to make that a link?
  3. I don't have an issue with displaying the text. What I would like to do is make that text a link which is not possible using the content attribute. How would I make that text a link? The idea is that I would like that text above the blog title to be a link back to the main blog home and I am having trouble getting that worked out.
  4. In the op's website - https://www.provingislam.com/proofs/bedouins-prophecy, they were able to add "Fulfilled Prophesies" above their blog post title. I am assuming they didn't ultimately use your code recommendation and probably have some javascript in there but I could be wrong. I'm using the business plan.
  5. How were you able to make the text above your blog post a link back to your home page? I'm trying to do the same thing.
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