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  1. @jpeter Thanks a lot that seems to be working..I have tried it on couple of products and all seems fine right now. Thank you for your time and reply!
  2. Regarding the problem; I just figured out original price and the sale price are both shown as the original price; hence whatever change I make the price (font color etc) applies to the sale price too. How do I separate them as sale and original price? I think it is a problem caused by mutation coding but I need it I cannot erase it. Thank you
  3. Thank you for this code. Worked perfectly for my site too. I have one minor problem; I used this code to replace € sign with 'TL' text but it cancelled out sale price display for products with variants where the original price is crossed out and the sale price is display in red (or in the color your preference). Is there a way to fix this? It works fine for single products which has no variants. Attaching two pics to explain what I mean. Appreciate your help.
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