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  1. It looks like this problem is solved, thank you for being on top of it Tuan!
  2. I ran my code through a validator and it came back with a number of parsing warnings. Almost all of them were redundant, though there was one parsing error that pointed out an unexpected "//" under one of the codes. After removing, it seems the coding is loading properly!
  3. Sure thing, would you like access to the backend or just my sites url? It is https://arrowleafhemp.com Some of the coding that isnt loading are text block "text-shadow" effects and section divider images. Other coding is still loading, like my @mediascreen codes. The images below show the backend after a refresh before I click "Custom CSS" and after I click to edit. Code changes load after the CSS editing window opens.
  4. Hello everyone, I was wondering if there have been any outages recently affecting proper Custom-CSS loading. After doing some editing on my site today, I found that it won't display my Custom-CSS on refresh, both in the backend and frontend. However, as soon as I click my cursor into the Custom-CSS editing window, the site loads my code. Any ideas? I cleared my cache with no luck.
  5. Figured out step one of the issue: the icon is there in the header, but it remains hidden beneath the header's theme. In other words, it doesn't show up unless I make my header color theme "transparent". Any way I can get the icon to appear on top of a color theme? Thank you!
  6. Ive attempted to inject the HTML into the Header and Footer Coding Windows with not luck. I have my Ecwid store code injected into the Footer per their instructions, and the store works great, but I can't get their little shopping bag icon to appear on my sites header.
  7. Site URL: https://contrabass-sprout-yeka.squarespace.com/config/ Hello, I run my ECommerce through Ecwid and I have been having difficulty displaying their Shopping Bag icon on my sites headers. They provide an html code, but I haven't had success making it jive with Custom CSS: <div class='ec-cart-widget'></div> Any insight would be helpful, thank you!
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