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  1. You are INCREDIBLE. That did the trick. Thank you SO MUCH!
  2. I have tried 3 different things that worked for other people in their 7.1 versions, but I cannot seem to get any of them to work... I am trying to change the logo on the white minimal, white bold, light minimal, and light bold color variations. I have uploaded a 'secondary' version of my logo that has a teal 'GO' instead of it being beige. I have the code for this at the very top of my CSS panel. I am probably doing something very silly that's not allowing this work... would someone mind taking a look for me? Please and thank you!!!!!!! https://elk-reed-69st.squarespace.com/
  3. I still haven't solved this issue... is there any chance I could get some help?? On mobile, instead of having these be in a single column, I would very much like for them to be in 2 columns. https://echidna-garlic-hbhz.squarespace.com/home Pass: Downtown202GRIT Help!! 🙂 Thank you for considering...
  4. I would also LOVE to do this on the home page of my site, we're we have a 6 column row. On mobile, I would love to have it in 2 or 3 columns (instead of the default single column). My website is: https://echidna-garlic-hbhz.squarespace.com/home I've been trying to use the code you were using further up, but I guess I might not be getting the 'identifier' correct that's before the adjustment.... Any help would be GREATLY appreciated... THANK YOU!
  5. Ok!! I added a hyperlink inside the Excerpt! Ready to turn it into a button - THANK YOU!
  6. Site URL: https://mandolin-banjo-jxep.squarespace.com/ I have several spots on my website where we are featuring small groups of events sorted by category, but I want to give them the option to skip the 'Event Detail' page, and directly register for the event (an external URL). Does anyone know if this can be done? I made a couple of quick mock-ups to show my intention. Thanks in advance!!!
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