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  1. Hey tuanphan, thanks for answering and yes I still need help on this. I would like the category order to be All, Bandanas, Tote Bags, New Arrivals, Limited Stock Is that possible with some code?
  2. Site URL: https://www.mbfpetshop.com Hi all, this might be a simple question that I might just not be able to find, but is there a way to rearrange the product categories order? Whenever I create a new product and add it to the website, give it is own category, the site automatically puts it at the end--but I would like to be able to put it as the 2nd or 3rd category listed. Right now its Bandanas, Limited Stock, New Arrivals, Tote Bags I would like to change the order to: Bandanas, Tote Bags, New Arrivals, Limited Stock
  3. Thats Perfect!!!!!!! Thank you so much! Ive been trying to work on this solution for a while now and this is helps a lot!
  4. Hello! Yes, if there was a way to make add a carousel to the product pages. @creedon also found a work around for it by giving me code to place the additional images above the thumbnail image which helps a ton--thank you! I think the images above help on desktop, but it looks a little wonky on mobile. Creedon, is there a way for you to adjust that code to have the smaller images be on the left side of the main thumbnail instead of above or below?
  5. I have sort of the same issue. I know Google can take weeks/months to properly index all of your pages. I went into the Google Search Console to upload the sitemap in hopes that would speed the process up and after I uploaded with the /sitemap.xml addition--the status is "Couldn't Fetch" Not sure if thats because Google hasnt tried to process it yet or if thats because there is a error
  6. Site URL: https://www.mbfpetshop.com Hello, I was wondering if anybody has some best practices for Google My Business, Google Shopping and Facebook Shop? My site just started and we sell smaller items so I figured the best thing to do to gain awareness and get traffic would be to create the listings on Google Shopping/Merchant and add a Facebook store. The problem Im running into is that it is NOT easy to setup these listings as Google/Facebook make it extremely difficult to get verified or approved. My Facebook Shop is still pending approval after 2 weeks, my GMB listing keeps getting suspended because I dont have a physical storefront and my Google Merchant account just got suspended because apparently I dont 'Clearly state payment methods and broken down costs to customers before/after purchase" Its making it extremely hard for a small business owner to get their brand out there if Google/Facebook just keep shutting everything down on me for various reasons. Does anybody have this same issue?? Have you done anything unique to keep your listings open??
  7. Hello, I know for a fact that you CAN transfer ownership of a GMB listing to a different user if you manage multiple different listings for different companies. I work in digital marketing and I have had manufacturers transfer ownership of the GMB listing to me before. How they did it, Im not sure, but I know you can if that halfway helps you get there haha
  8. I did try the thumbnail display but that didnt work. Im not too familiar with CSS to be able to really know what Im doing to tweak things haha
  9. That could help, I could also just make the first photo smaller so it pushes the additional product photos up the page a bit. The issue with that is that it means I would have to go resize over 125 images and then re-upload them all and do the metatags again haha I was hoping to avoid that. I know squarespace is somewhat new to the e-commerce side of design functions so hopefully adding a carousel to product images is in the works
  10. Yeah it is set to the slideshow option right now, which is fine for mobile because the additional 4-5 photos of the product are easy to see. The issue comes on desktop where the first image is so large that the customer has to scroll down below the fold to see the additional photos. I've gotten feedback from a few people who have used the site on desktop and the common theme is that many people don't scroll down the page to see that there are more photos. That's why I was seeing if there was a way to set the product photos to carousel for desktop, not slideshow, so that the images automatically rotate every few seconds similar to the social media block that I put on the homepage of the site.
  11. Here you go https://www.mbfpetshop.com/online-shop/tie-dye-pet-bandana
  12. No problem here is a link https://www.mbfpetshop.com/online-shop/tie-dye-pet-bandana I saw with the Hyde template you can either stack images or make a slideshow but I was really looking for something more like a carousel option. I know the social media widget have a carousel option where you can set the images to rotate after 3 seconds, 5 seconds or whatever you want. Was just looking for that same option, but just on product photos as well.
  13. Site URL: https://www.mbfpetshop.com I am using the Hyde template and have not seen anywhere where you can have the images of your product automatically rotate when somebody is on the product page. A lot of customers are telling me they didnt even know there was multiple images per product because they dont see them below the 1st photo of the product. Is there anyway to make the product images rotate through when somebody is on the product page or at least show arrows on the 1st photo to show the customer that there are more??
  14. Hey Tuanphan, sorry to dig up a old thread but I have been looking for the same thing and found this. Just launched the website www.mbfpetshop.com and the first thing people told me was they didnt realize the there were more photos of each product (especially on desktop because my product photos are large)---so I am trying to find a way to have the product images on both mobile/desktop rotate to show that there is more than just the thumbnail image under each product. I use the Hyde template Would this code you posted if I insert it make the product images rotate or at least have arrows to show that there is more than just the 1st picture? @media screen and (min-width:768px) { .ProductItem-gallery-slides:before { padding-bottom: 20% !important; } }
  15. The best I got so far is to make a custom form you can apply to all product pages that prompts the customer to enter their 'customization' options when they add a product to the cart. I had to just list out all of the different pricing options in the dropdown on the product page because there is nothing that automatically calculates it for you if somebody fills out a custom form. The issue Paul is helping me out with right now is that there is no way to trigger the custom form on specific product variants in the dropdowns. Right now its you either have to apply the custom form to all or nothing. Check out my screenshots. This is how I tinkered with it, I added a disclaimer to the top of the form stating to only fill it out if you selected the 'with customization' option. Hope this helps
  16. That was a thought, support said to create a different product category and price those with embroidery higher with the custom form on those product pages. Basically have a Blank Bandanas category and a Custom Bandanas category. Only issue is that it's basically duplicating the inventory all over the site and makes it twice as time consuming to manage inventory, you know? I think the way I have it right now with those attached screenshots is the cleanest, most simple way to do it--however I have a feeling I am going to run into a LOT of people who select the $12 basic variant but still fill out the embroidery form when they add it to the cart just because it pops up for everything. I posted disclaimers everywhere I could to "Please make sure to select the correct thing!" but still I feel like people are not going to pay attention or see it. Them I'm going to have a bunch of angry customers who wanted a embroidery because they filled it out but didn't realize they only paid for the basic bandana haha Oh well, we will see what happens.
  17. Just an update, but I havent fully figured out the easiest way to do this yet. I created custom variants on the product page with different pricing for 'with custom embroidery' and 'without custom embroidery" under the same dropdown where the customer selects size. Still though, the custom form pops up for the customer when adding to cart regardless of what option they selected where they can enter the pets name for embroidery. I put a disclaimer at the top of the form that basically says "We can only fulfill custom embroidery orders with the correct option selected on the previous product page" It works, sort of, but its still relying a LOT on the customer to select the correct variant. I have a feeling if we launch like it is right now we are going to get a lot of people who select 'without embroidery' but still end up filling out the custom form just because it pops up for everybody regardless of their product selection from the dropdown. There has to be a easier way to do this. Simply being able to assign the custom form to specific product variants would solve a lot of problems.
  18. Site URL: https://www.mbfpetshop.com Hey all, working on a ecommerce site and getting everything setup for launch. We sell handmade arts/crafts and pet bandanas. I am editing all of the product pages adding variants with sizes and quantity. However, the problem I am having is adding customization option at a higher price to the bandanas past just the normal select your size dropdown. I found a way to add a Custom Form that pops up when a customer adds a bandana to their cart and from there they can choose their pets name, font style, font color and if they want it added--but I cant seem to find a way to have it automatically adjust the price of the bandana if somebody opts for the customization embroidery. The product in the cart still just says the original price. I guess its two questions: 1) Is there anyway to have the price of the product adjusted if somebody does fill out the custom form after a item is added to their cart? For example a normal blank bandana is $12 but if they want to personalize it with their pets name I would like the cart to update to $15 after they enter the information from the custom form. or 2) Is there a way to have a custom form pop up only if a customer selects "Yes" under a dropdown on the product page. Can you tie custom forms based on a dropdown selection? Because right now the custom form for embrodery pops up on every item you add to the cart. Thanks!!
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