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  1. @tuanphan Thank you so much for your help always. I have a similar problem on mobile web. the spaces only happen on mobile web as attached. Would you please have a look and help me too ? www.ok-mart.com.au
  2. @paul2009 Any chance to have my another question for add cart button ? Donald
  3. I am looking for a solution for this too. We delivery items by ourselves, so no need to inform tracking number and shipping operators. Is there any way to remove or adjust the template ? thanks, Donald
  4. Wow, it’s great. Thank you for your information. However, I have more than 700 items and I have to make double numbers. I don’t think it's good idea to write custom JavaScript to include an 'Add to Cart' button for each products. Is there any other way to apply it to all together ? Any plugin ? Or do I have hire a expert ? Thanks, Donald
  5. Site URL: https://www.ok-mart.com.au I found similar questions here this forum but not able to find answer how to do it. Please help me to solve it. When I click on the item from product list it goes to the product detail where I can add it to a cart, however I would like to show another "add to cart button" under each product in the "product list page" for easy selection without navigating out of the page.
  6. @humxahafeex Thank you so much for the code. it works well but it applies to all labels in other area as well. I'd like to apply it to summary block only. what is the name of selection for the mark in the summary product block ? Thanks, Donald
  7. Site URL: https://www.ok-mart.com.au I want to change a style of sale badge and quick view in a summary block. ex: background color from black to red / shape to circle Would some one please help me ? Thank you in advance. Donald
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